The "Law of Conservation of Energy" states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. If, we are to trust the methods of study we all agree to refer to as "science", not to be confused with statistics reported in unethical fnords, such as "Experts Say" or "According to the University of Pharmaceutical Funding," for example, then you must ask yourself "where did the energy that is 'me' come from?" 
 The energy output of a sleeping human being is approximately 100W. That of a human being who is not sleeping, can be upwards of 700W according to the University of Local Power Companies. The average wattage of a stand up refrigerator made between 2004-2010 is 660W. Therefore, you are a stand up refrigerator from another dimension piloting a meat suit. It's science. Where did you come from, where will you go? If it hadn't been for Cotton-Eyed Joe, I'd have been married a long time ago. 
What about the portion that was responsible for your consciousness, your soul, your internal voice? It cannot be destroyed, remember. Where does that energy go when you perish? 
Consumed by billions of microbes, called decomposers, equipped with an internal device that converts death into biological Volt/Amps? Maybe. Reunited with the collective battery of all the potential energy in existence one might call God? Maybe. Are both of those the same thing? Maybe. 
Our goal is to assist you in your journey to consummate inner peace, of course, so that maybe, next go round, you won't feel the need to take hostage a defenseless meat suit for its whole life. Next time, you might prefer to try being a water molecule in the Indian Ocean. Or maybe a bowl of petunias.