We have yet to agree on a guide entry for this subject. Most of us here, at The Hitchhiker's Guide to Peace, are human beings, who, by their very nature, are flawed, whose sole purpose, arguably, is simply to experience the journey to consummation of inner peace. Unfortunately, if we were able to tell you exactly how to do that, there really wouldn't be much point in you being here.
What, we believe, we can tell you, due to years of research, is that self-ownership is a very very important component in that journey, if you intend it to have any sort of happy ending. Through making the decision to genuinely own yourself, you must own your flaws along with your more admirable attributes, rid yourself of the burden of excuses and all they do to hinder your ability to progress, or at least acknowledge when you're making excuses because you simply don't want to do a particular thing. Honesty: very important. Honesty to one's self: doubly so. This can be very difficult, and quite time consuming, to learn as it usually takes approximately one human lifetime, so it's best you begin right now. Admit to yourself that, in most cases, whatever problems you're facing in your daily life are because of you, your habits, and your mindset. Aside from a, legitimate illness, not a lifestyle illness like Type 2 diabetes, that one's your fault, everything is your fault. You're fat, you hate your job, this is the 7th year in a row you didn't get invited to Thanksgiving dinner because you don't have a driver's license and you're always asking people to borrow money: all, very probably, your fault. From our experience, accepting that truth will do quite a number in bringing you closer to the finish line in your journey to happiness and it will mostly likely change your life. Simply because, if you believe others are responsible for all of your problems, then you're left helpless and sad. When it's you're fault, you have the power to change it.