The longest palindrome in existence is an experimental novel by Author Lawrence Levine titled Dr. Awkward & Olson in Oslo. It is 31,594 words. It must have been quite a time consuming process because he'd have to read each sentence twice, then proof read each sentence twice. 
Anyway, the palindrome we're to mention today is "rats live on no evil star." Pretty nonsensical really because rats don't live on any star at all. Nothing lives on any star, anywhere, from our understanding. So, in that sense, it is most definitely true. Norway rats, themselves, however, are very evil. More evil than the Krampus, more evil than the scary, red, goat-footed demon fellow from, the massive horror movie success, Insidious, and even more evil than wearing brown pants with black shoes. 
Norway rats are not even accurately named. This is because, in reality, they are not rats at all. They are, actually, the walking, breathing, manifestation of pure hatred and lack of consideration. A much more accurate name for these creatures would have been "furry destroyers of dreams." 
Narrator, demonstrator, and researcher at The Hitchhiker's Guide to Peace, Copernicus Frekkalbotum had been constructing an experimental device involving an aquaponic system with a timber framed sump tank. It was quite dreamy. But, an invasion of Norway rats destroyed the flow through wicking beds by removing all of the very expensive potting soil, they pooped vigorously and violently throughout the whole research facility, and they chewed a rather large hole in the liner of the timber framed pond, leaving the beautiful, Japanese koi fish with about 600 gallons less water to enjoy in their own home. 
We are still trying to repair the damages here and have found that Zip it Tape, silicone and 17 cans of flex seal are still no match for the evil ways of the furry destroyers of dreams. 
We prefer to conduct our research here in a way that is beneficial for all forms of life and we understand that most pests are, in fact, beneficial creatures, if considered in the whole of an ecosystem. Furry destroyers of dreams, however, are extremely selfish and they refuse to allow the rest of us to have nice things. 
For those reasons, we've determined they are, in no way, beneficial and our best advice to any person who encounters these furry destroyers of dreams is to kill them all.