The best thing water has going for it is that all life on our humble planet relies on its existence for its existence. That is, however, also the worst thing it has going for it as many smart people have speculated that water will be the subject of global wars in the future. Which is quite silly considering 71% of the planet is drowning in the stuff. 96.5% of that is quite salty and unpleasant for drinking but surely that could be fixed by watering it down. 
Nevertheless, it does fall from the sky fairly haphazardly in most places on this planet and we'd recommend not living in the places where it doesn't. However, nobody seems to be paying attention to either of these things.
At the laboratories of The Hitchhiker's Guide to Peace, we've conducted several experiments on the subject to have overwhelming results. We left dozens of containers of all shapes and sizes, such as buckets, international bulk containers, mixing bowls, and 55 gallon drums, outside uncovered and waited an unrecorded, and therefore irrelevant, period of time to find that every single one of them came to eventually be holding an, also irrelevant, amount of water. Surely these findings could be made more useful if they were applied to a larger surface area such as a roof which could then be guttered and/or piped to a larger holding apparatus until you find something to do with it. Through these experiments, Mr. Jarvis Z. Orfalspank, the creator of The Hitchhiker's Guide to Peace devised this fairly useful piece of advice: "if we open our eyes to the obvious abundances all around us, nobody is likely to do any silly things out of fear of non-existent scarcities." 
Some more bureaucratic institutions and semi-legal entities do prefer to create scarcities out of non- existent scarcities in order to secure income from the unknowing proletariat, the city of Seaford, Delaware, USA for example, has decided that collecting rainwater in a mixing bowl ought to be a criminal offense, punishable by fine and/or jail time. while we, at The Hitchhiker's Guide to Peace, do not feel that way at all.
For your safety, that of those around you, and to avoid doing silly things out of fear of non-existent scarcities, please take note of the opportunities you have in times of abundance, to avoid scarcity in times of less. This will, without a doubt, assist you in your journey to consummate inner peace.